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Managed by the Materials Department and open to all members of the university and surrounding community, this facility houses state-of-the-art equipment for materials characterization.

Instruments include 3 transmission electron microscopes, 2 focused ion beam microscopes, 3 field-emission scanning electron microscopes, 4 atomic force microscopes, an atom probe field ion microscope and dedicated XPS and SIMS systems. Advanced sample preparation and computational resources ensure excellent sample quality and high-end data analysis.

Lab News

  • Tomography

    Electron tomography has been set up in the microscopy facility. The above example shows a two-phase block copolymer particle. Please contact Stephan Krämer if you are interested in using the technique for your material system.

  • Tomography

    New purchase (Estimated operation January 2015): Cameca IMS 7f Auto SIMS. Please contact Tom Mates for more information.

  • Tomography

    New purchase: Hummingbird Scientific TEM tomography holder. It features a special mount that provides easy sample exchange between instruments and facilitates combined TEM and atom probe tomography analysis on the identical sample.


The microscopy facility provides leading edge techniques and methods, catering to the needs of the research community. Comprehensive training is strongly emphasized with the goal of enabling graduate student researchers to fully exploit the powerful tools.


Continuous support by the MRSEC Program of the National Science Foundation under award No. DMR 1121053 is gratefully acknowledged.


1st floor of Elings Hall (California Nanosystems Institute)
Visitor Information

Claire Chisholm (805) 893 3645  
Aiden Taylor (805) 893 8390  
Tom Mates (805) 893 5455