Multiphase & Multiscale

Flow Laboratory

The M&M Flow Lab focuses on the complex couplings between fluids and particles, which are involved in environmental fluid mechanics and industrial processes. Understanding such systems requires multi-scale methods to bridge the particle scale and the macroscopic flow. Our work involves a multidisciplinary approach through experiments, analytical modeling and numerical simulations.


Recent News

December 2018 - Dip Coating of Suspensions

Our work on dip coating of suspensions has been accepted for publication in Soft Matter. In this paper, we report the existence of three regimes of dip coating in non-Brownian suspensions: pure liquid, heterogeneous coating and homogeneous suspension films. We provide the domain of existence of these different regimes.

November 2018 - APS DFD Meeting

We attended the APS DFD Meeting in Atlanta and presented our work on the entry of granular material into water, clogging in microchannels, and multiple bubbling. We also submitted the following entries to the Gallery of Fluid Motion.

October 2018

Physical Review Fluids just published online our article on Growth of clogs in parallel microchannels. Here we consider suspensions flowing in microchannels when particles can get trapped and form clogs. We have developed a new model that predicts the clogging dynamics and flow rate evolution in simple porous media. The results are relevant to describe the aging of water filters and the influence of proppants on flow through rocks.