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Welcome Alex Downs, Pascal Karam, and Sean MacKenzie as new graduates in the Pennathur lab. (September 2016)


Congrats to post-doc Sam Helmy for getting a professorship at Reed College! We will miss you dearly. (August 2016)


Congrats to Travis Del Bonis-O'Donnell and Daniel Vong for their recently published paper in Nanoscale! (July 2016)


Welcome Sean MacKenzie as a Junior Specialist in the Pennathur lab. (July 2016)


Welcome Charles McIntosh to the Pennathur lab as a Junior Specialist (July 2016)


Welcome summer interns to our laboratory: Amanda Singleton (a Gorman Scholar!), Chris Conner, Tim deVisser, Alex Chen, and Kaela Acuff. Hope you all have a great time this summer! (July 2016)


Congrats to all 6 uTAS abstracts being accepted as posters! Chris McCallum, Yanxian Lin, Joe deRutte, Mike Garcia, Kjeld Janssen, Maria Napoli, Sam Sherman, Josh Loessberg, Charlie McIntosh, and Andrew Smith, congrats! (June 2016)


Congrats to our graduating undergraduate seniors: Andrew Smith, Trevor Fritz, Daniel Vong, and Charlie McIntosh! We wish you the best in your future endeavors! (June 2016)


Congrats to Joe de Rutte for graduating UCSB with an MS! We wish him the best of luck pursuing a phD in Dino DiCarlo’s lab at UCLA! (June 2016)


Prof Pennathur to give talks at HKUST, CUHK, and the Microfluidic Conference in Dalian China (June 2016)


Congrats to Josh Loessberg, Kjeld Janssen and Chris McCallum for their recently published letter in Analytical Chemistry!  (May 2016)


Congrats to Travis Del Bonis O’Donnell for his recently published paper in ACS Nano! (May 2016)


Congrats to Sean Williams, Maria Napoli, Pete Crisalli, Travis Del Bonis-O'Donnell, and Sameh Helmy for their publication in Journal of Bioanalytical Techniques! (April 2016)


Congrats to Sam Helmy on receiving the prestigious Errett-Fischer Award! (May 2016)


Pascal Karam has joined the lab! (March 2016)


Prof. Pennathur to give invited talk at WeSTEM (UIUC) (February 2016)


Prof. Pennathur to give invited talks at NRL, ECBC. (February 2016)


Prof. Pennathur named SLAS invitation award finalist! Congrats! (January 2016)


Mike Garcia and Chris McCallum to present their work at APS-DFD in Boston. (November 2015)


Travis Del-Bonis O'Donnel successfully defends his thesis! Congrats, Travis! (December 2015)


Prof. Pennathur gives invited talks at Cornell, OIST and three major technical universities in Taiwan (NTU, NCKU, NTHU). (September-December 2015)


Tyler Ray defends! Good luck on your post-doc, Tyler! (October 2015)


Tyler Ray wins USCB Grand Slam talk! Congrats Tyler! (October 2015)


Congrats to post-doc Kjeld for winning the prestigious Carl Lindres post doctoral fellowship! (June 2015)


Kjeld Janssen, Travis Del-Bonis O'Donnell, and Tyler Ray gsve talks at the SoCal Micro and Nanofluidic Symposium (June 2015)


Prof. Pennathur gives an invited talk at ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium (June 2015)


Congrats to Chris McCallum on his selected talk at ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium (June 2015)


The UCSB Nanolab welcomes our new super-star postdoc Sameh Hemly to the lab (5/1/15)


Congrats to Tyler Ray, Bethany Lettiere and Joe De Rutte for their paper in Langmuir! (2/1/15)


The UCSB Nanolab welcomes our new lab manager, Kara Rocque! (2/1/15)


Congrats to Travis Del-Bonis O'Donnell for his recent published paper in The Analyst! (1/1/15)


Congrats to Tom Wynne, Travis Del-Bonis O'Donnell, and Chris McCallum for their paper in Analytical Chemistry (2/1/15)


The UCSB Nanolab welcomes our new post-doctoral associate, Kjeld Janssen into the lab (1/26/15)


The UCSB Nanolab welcome our new machinist, Danny De La Veaga into the  lab (1/1/15)


Congrats to Dr. Pete Crisalli for getting a Senior Level Position at Roche! (12/1/14)


Congrats to Dr. Pete Crisalli for his paper in Chemical  Communications! (12/1/14)


Dr. Pennathur to give invited lecture in EMBS Hawaii (12/1/14)


Congratulations to Travis for winning 2nd place in the Mechanical Engineering Grand Slam Competition! (10/8/14)


Congratulations to Tyler for winning best TA award for 2014! (10/8/14)


The UCSB Nanolab welcomes our new master fabricator Seth Boden to the lab (9/1/14)


Bethany was just named a finalist for the Hertz Fellowship. Congratulations!(02/07/14)


We welcome Dr. Pete Crisalli, visiting researcher Sean, and our new undergrads Bethany, Josh, and Sam to the Lab! (02/07/14)


Alex Russell and John Herr just won the UCSB New Venture Competition! Congratulations! (5/30/13)


Neeraja won the best poster competition at the EMBS MNM conference. Congratulations! (12/07/12)


Travis won the best poster competition in microfluidics at APS-DFD. Congratulations! (11/27/12)


Sumita Pennathur has been promoted to Associate Professor at UCSB. Congratulations Sumita! (6/22/12)


Sumita Pennathur has been profiled in a recent article in the magazine Technology Review (4/26/12)


Elijah Shelton has been awarded a 3-year NSF Graduate Fellowship. (3/30/2012)


Sumita Pennathur has been awarded the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce Award for Innovation. (2/23/2012)


Tyler Ray gave an oral presentation at the 27th International Symposium on MicroScale Bioseparations and Analyses (2/14/12).


Sumita Pennathur has been awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. (9/26/11)


Alessio Lenzi, Francesco Viola, Francesco Bonotto, Maria Napoli and Sumita Pennathur had their paper accepted by the journal Electrophoresis. (8/15/2011)


Congrats to Sharice Handa and Travis Del Bonis-O'Donnell for receiving Honorable Mentions for the NSF Graduate Fellowship Program! (4/5/2011)


Professor Pennathur will deliver the keynote lecture at the Bourns College of Engineering, Space Science and Engineering Day at UC Riverside, On April 9th 2011 (3/28/2011)


Alex Russell wins 2011 Holbrook Foundation Fellowship from the Institute of Engery Efficicency (2/15/2011)


Professor Pennathur is PI on a $1M Keck Award entitled "Nanoelectrofluidics: New Tools for Nanoparticle Characterization, with Professors Squires, Atzberger, Gibou, and Cleland (1/5/2011)


Professor Pennathur welcomes her new baby #2, Zofia Lakshmi Chobot, born 1/1/11!


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